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The Rogue Farmers

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Greg Hiser - Violin

A Kansas native, Greg has been a freelance musician and private instructor in the Northern Virgina area since 1990, most notoriously with his rock/jazz BouDeun.  When not throwing it down with the Farmers, he is laying it down all classical, as a member of The McLean Orchestra, Trinity Chamber Orchestra, The Arlington Philharmonic Assosication, and The Carina Trio, Or perhaps a little alt-classical, with his group, Fuse Ensemble.  As a thrill seeking cyclist as well, he seeks to find balance between artistry...and injury, and feels the toilet paper should be fed from the top of the roll, always.

Scott Carey - Bass

Scott, Raised by Gypsy's (Military Family) Came to Virginia in the 70's.  Luthier of Carey Mandolins, has been playing Upright Bass for quite some time with a special interest in traditional and bluegrass music, although his musical interests vary widely from Dexter Gordon to Frank Zappa to Alt Americana!  He joined the band a few years ago after he was handed three 45 minute sets of rather difficult arrangements and asked if he could play a gig in a couple of weeks...he rose to the occasion and thus became a "Rogue Farmer"!  The "Backbone" of the band!


Tonia McConchie - Guitar and Vocals

Tonia, grew up in "Birch River, WV Virginia".  Her father taught her how to play guitar at the age of eight and her parents as well as her grandparents were very influential in passing down traditional appalachion songs and tunes.   She also became very passionate with fiddle tunes and picked up the fiddle in her twenties collecting songs from a lot of amazing Appalachian fiddlers but was truly inspired by one in particular Mr. Melvin Wine.  She began writing songs at a very young age inspired by the tradition and heritage of her home.  Although very knowledgeable of traditional and old time music she is vocally inspired by Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Rait, Stevie Nicks and Elizabeth Cotton... just to name a few.